Intensive Driving Lessons Torfaen

Intensive Driving Lessons Torfaen

Our intensive driving lessons are designed around your lifestyle. We can work around school, college or work to a certain extent and whilst most courses are done over a 1 or 2 week period we can arrange our intensive driving lessons around you. If you need to space it out over a month having 2 or 3 certain days a week then we will do everything we can to make it work.

We like to work on a base of 30 hours for a new driver but also leave a small gap between your last lesson and test date just in case either or both you or myself think you’re not quite ready. In our experience almost everyone can be ready within a maximum of 40 hours. For new starters we start in a nice, quiet industrial estate to get your confidence going before working our way up through quiet roads to busier one then onto the test area.

We are based in Pontypool but for intensives cover a wider area and further test centres. To date we have covered Abergavenny, Newport, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouth and even as far as Brecon. The further away the longer the lessons will need to be but usually lessons are about 4 hours a day.

Our prices can be found on this Prices but for more specific prices on our intensive driving course contact us on our linked page. Intensive driving courses are a fast way to get through your driving test which can prove useful for people needing to get this done throughout a school holiday or a week off work. Please bear in mind though that the longer the lesson the more tiring it will be. This is the main reason our intensive driving lessons are limited to 4 hours usually and only go higher on request.

Intensive Driving Lessons