Hazard Perception Test Complete

Hazard Perception Test Complete – £9.99Hazard Perception Test Complete

The Hazard Perception Test Complete software product provides you with over 600 test simulation video clips suitable for car drivers, motorcyclists, LGV, PCV and ADIs. This product contains all the clips found on the Driving Test Complete and Hazard Perception Test eXtra products combined. If you are only looking for a Hazard Perception Test product then this is the product for you. No other product for the currently offers more for this test. The only product to support properly balanced tests of either 14 or 19 video clips. The latter being necessary for the new LGV and PCV Theory Tests.

This 3 disk DVD-rom product was specially developed to overcome the ever increasing concerns about the this test and the fact that most people who fail a car, motorcycle, lorry, bus or ADI Theory Test do so solely because of this part of the test. Don’t let this happen to you, make sure you have the best study aid available. Make your first test your last with LDC’s award winning software.

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