Driving Lesson Prices And Driving Courses In Torfaen

Driving Courses In Torfaen

We offer a variety of driving courses in Torfaen to match your spending. These include

  • Weekly lessons
  • Block bookings
  • Test booster course
  • Midway Pass
  • Intensive course

Weekly Lessons as the name suggests is where you take a lesson on a weekly basis until you’re ready for your test. You will still learn using the LD system but the workbook and video are not included in this course. You can however buy them seperately. Of course weekly lessons aren’t always just one a week, that is up to you but many students decide on either more than one a week or having a 90 minute/2 hour lesson rather than just the one hour each week.

Block Bookings is the same as weekly lessons except you can pay for 19 lessons in one lump sum up front for a discount. Again you choose how you use them, whether it be as 1 hour lessons or more, once a week or more. We try to work around your schedule as much as possible.

Test Booster is a specialist course where you get 15 hours of lessons along with the LDC workbook and DVD. This is mainly designed for those approaching test standard or maybe someone who has failed a while back and needs to just brush up on things before their next test. Please be aware that the 15 hours includes the 2 hours for the test and prior lesson. The workbook will also require 5 hours home study so in total this is a 20 hour course.

Midway Pass is for students who have had lessons and know the basic controls, they just need to hone their skills and learn about additional hazards such as roundabouts and crossroads. This course includes 20 hours of driving (including the 2 hour test), 5 hours of home study and comes complete with the LD workbook and DVD.

Intensive Courses are where you learn over either a one week or two week period depending on how much time you have. This includes 30 hours in car instruction (including 2 hours for the test), the LD DVD and workbook. This course is ideal for anyone in a rush to pass but does require you to have already passed your theory test as the course is designed to finish on your test date (usually on the last day of that week).

How many lessons should i need?

That depends really on your driving skills but the latest Government survey says the average is about 52 hours (over £1000 worth lessons). Don’t panic yet though. As you can see from our intensive courses we usually only plan for 30 hours because using the excellent LD system this is usually all it takes. As you can see this could save you over £400 worth of lessons and get you to be a safe and competent driver a lot sooner than you would normally expect.

Weekly or Intensive?

This mainly depends on the amount of time you have available but most would recommend the intensive course. The weekly will take a few months usually and always ends up requiring more lessons. The reason behind this is that each week you have to spend at least some of the lesson going over what happened in the last lesson.

Luckily the LD system negates some of that even on the weekly lessons but it can’t stop all of it. Intensive courses is more like going straight through one lesson to the next without time to forget the last lesson leaving you better prepared for your test. Lastly with the intensive course you have a target, you know your test is at the end of the week and this gets you in a better mindset, more focused. In the end though it is down to the individual and the amount of time they have.

The above is a fairly definitive list of driving courses in Torfaen supplied by Simple Pass but we aim to please and all these courses can be flexible. 60, 90 and 120 minute lessons are the norm but depending on distance from the test centre for example some may want longer lessons.

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