Pass Plus In Pontypool

Pass Plus In Pontypool

Pass Plus is a 6 hour course that does not require you to pass a test but can save you a lot of money on insurance especially for the under 25’s. This course is a brainchild of the DVSA, insurance companies and other driving instruction institutions to ensure the safest drivers are getting the better insurance deals.

Pass Plus covers 6 topics – motorway driving, dual carriageways, adverse weather conditions, country roads, night driving and busier town driving. With this knowledge and experience you can save up to 25% currently with certain insurance companies, quite a bit for new drivers. With some new drivers that could be up to £500 in the first year alone.

More important than the above though and the main reason insurance companies offer this discount is that you will become a safer driver. Below is something i’ve taken from a survey which will give you some idea of why insurance companies offer the discount and why it’s a good idea for a younger driver. Taken from here.

  • Young drivers are involved in a disproportionately large number of road collisions: 17 to 24 year olds have 9% of the driving licences but comprise 22% of car drivers involved in road collisions that result in death or injury on the roads of Great Britain.
  • 27% of 17-19 year old males are involved in a road collision in their first year of driving.
  • 1,077 people died in 2005 in crashes involving a driver aged 17-25 years (of whom 377 were drivers aged 17-25).

As you can see safety is a much more important issue than savings. I have to add here though that not all insurance companies offer discounts, some of the better known ones do though such as Direct Line. It may be worth your while calling them and seeing what difference the course makes to the price.
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